“CWMALLS® Printed Leather Jackets” — CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2020 Patented Product, New Species Series

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2020 Patented Product, New Species Series—“CWMALLS® Printed Leather Jackets” officially being sold both online and offline synchronously around the world; the design patent which combines innovation, trend, culture, technology, art and intelligence as a whole,


CWMALLS World Film & Television Sharing And Review Series — Marriage Story

Noah Baumbach’s incisive and compassionate look at a marriage breaking up and a family staying together. Release date: Dec 6, 2019 (United States) Director: Noah Baumbach DVD release date: Dec 06, 2019 Awards: Academy Awards (1) · Golden Globe Awards (1) · British AcademyFilm Awards (1) Music by: Randy Newman Nominations: Academy Awards (6) · Golden Globe Awards (6) · BritishAcademy Film Awards (5)


CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2020 Patented Design, New Species Series — “CWMALLS Intelligent Manufacture”

Warmly celebrate CWMALLS, CWMALLS COMMODITY 2020 Patented Design, New Species Series — “CWMALLS Intelligent Manufacture” officially starts synchronously around the world; this is a joint declaration of CWMALLS Global Super Networked Lab, CWMALLS Global Super Patent Review Committee and CWMALLS Global Super Networked Workshop, also the model of CWMALLS